Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Must Love Otters -- Because They Are Adorable!

Soooooo ...

I wrote a book that was available and then it wasn't available and then it found a new home and now it's undergoing some major remodeling. (Yes. Still. It's a process.) Some of you are still waiting on that book to reappear, all decked out in her pretty new wallpaper and crown molding and custom tile work, and for THAT, I thank you SO MUCH. When she's all done? She's gonna "shine like the top of the Chrysler Building!" Pretty sure I stole that from Miss Hannigan (did I?), but whatever.

As it stands, I'm still trying to put Sleight's pieces back in the right order. Next time, someone remind me that writing stories with even the slightest brushstroke of fantasy is for smart people. I don't know if I am a smart people. Don't tell my editor or agent I said that. I think they might still think I'm sorta smart. Or at least of average intelligence. This week, I have not heard the whispers of intelligence. Only that mean voice that says GET A REAL JOB YOU BONEHEAD.

Although editing is a real job. Ask my lovely clients. I donate blood every time I edit a manuscript. Well, metaphorically speaking. I mean, I don't go *into* Canadian Blood Services and offer a vein because if I did that, I'd totally pass out and would likely vomit on the way down and then aspirate through my nose and possibly choke to death, and that is WAY not as romantic as being a writer who, drunk on whiskey and the tears soaking into her inky manuscript, choked to death on her own genius.

Not as romantic as that at all.

SO. THE POINT HERE (I've mentioned that my ex-husband used to get SO mad at me for digressing, didn't I? God, he was so mean):

My personality has split. There's Jenn Sommersby (Jenn Sy to my Facebook minions), and now, there is Eliza Gordon. My pen name. 

But why a pen name, Jenn? And why not keep it a mysterious secret like J. K. Rowling and Nora Roberts and a bunch of other folks? Because although THIS is the bio you get on her profile ...

Eliza Gordon is a forgetful girl who relies on Post-It notes and cellphone alarms to get her through the day. An avid eater of cookies, she can be found with her hand in the jar when not in her cubicle. A purveyor of fictions, Eliza is confident that the life she lives in merely the imaginings of someone else’s hand, poured from a dull pencil on cafe napkins, and that she is simply an understudy, waiting for her turn to take the stage. She has excellent taste in books, shoes, and friends, and questionable sanity in the realm of love. Best leave that one alone.

The REAL Eliza is actually two people: myself and my husband. We are co-writing fictions of fun and fancy. Our first project, Must Love Otters, is thus:

Sarah Hansen of Okay Creations, did this awesome cover. She's chocolately goodness.

A romance of comedic proportions:

Hollie Porter is the chairwoman of Generation Disillusioned: at twenty-five years old, she’s saddled with a job she hates, a boyfriend who’s all wrong for her, and a vexing inability to say no. She’s already near her breaking point, so when one caller too many kicks the bucket during Hollie’s 911 shift, she cashes in the Sweethearts’ Spa & Stay gift certificate from her dad and heads to Revelation Cove, British Columbia. One caveat: she’s going solo. Any sweethearts will have to be found on site.

Hollie hopes to find her beloved otters in the wilds of the Great White North, but instead she’s providing comic relief for staff and guests alike. Even Concierge Ryan, a former NHL star with bad knees and broken dreams, can’t stop her from stumbling from one (mis)adventure to another. Just when Hollie starts to think that a change of venue doesn’t mean a change in circumstances, the island works its charm and she starts to think she might have found the rejuvenation she so desperately desires. But then an uninvited guest crashes the party, forcing her to step out of the discomfort zone where she dwells and save the day … and maybe even herself in the process.


I know! I'm sorta freaking out myself! Otters will be available way sooner than I ever imagined, as in THIRTEEN DAYS from now -- O.M.G.! When the marketing people said I could make it available, like, in 2013, I had to ask them to repeat themselves. "Really? We can do that?"

It will be available from West 26th Street Press, a new imprint from Writers House (the agency who reps me), starting with 

preorders Amazon and iBookstore on October 22, 
and for sale at all major distributors on October 29.

A paperback version will be available in November. Eliza and I will be sure to post links accordingly so those who like to have books made out of paper (like me ... er, and Eliza ... dude, this is getting weird now ...) can place their magical order.

What can I do in the meantime, Jenn/Eliza, while I wait the thirteen days for this mighty morsel of madness to come available?

Start here:   

You can like Eliza's Facebook page.  

You can follow Eliza on Twitter.

You can visit

You can sign up for a review copy with the handy-dandy review form found via this page. Scroll down to the words "Very Fancy Google Form," answer a few questions, and poof!

Note: I totally know this is short notice to ask for reviews, so I'm absolutely NOT requesting that you post a review on the 29th. That's just silly. I know you kids have lives and editorial calendars. An estimated date you might have availability would be so appreciated!

And there will be e-books only this time around. Mailing paperback books from Canada? 'Tis insanely pricey.

Finally, feel free to send your favorite recipes (we can feature them on Eliza's blog!) because I am going to require A LOT OF COOKIES in the next little while. House Elf, get on that, would you?

Yay! Books! I heart your faces for stopping in for a chat. You brought whisky, right?

Xs and Os, lovelies ...

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