Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Eliza Gordon Strikes Again: NEUROTICA Is LIVE!

My alter ego has been busy while the other personality -- the real me -- rewrites Sleight. Yes. It is The Book That Never Ends. Wish me luck on this latest adventure.

SOOOOO, even though it's not August 21, and that's when I said NEUROTICA would be available for purchase, I got tired of waiting and decided that we needed some giggles this week. As such ...


Neuro AmazonGRSW


If you find yourself talking to Jayne Dandy, keep the conversation on Star Wars and rubber ducks—best not to mention men, dating, or S-E-X. Because Jayne is fine with the way things are: writer of obituaries and garage sale ads by day, secret scribe of adventures in distant galaxies by night. But her crippling fear of intimacy has made her the butt of jokes since forever, and hiding behind her laptop isn’t going to get her lightsaber lit.

After her therapist recommends that she write erotica as a form of exposure therapy, Jayne joins forces with pen and paper to combat the demons that won’t let her kiss and tell. Unexpectedly downsized at work, she adopts a pseudonym and secretly self-publishes one of her naughty books to make ends meet. When her adorable, long-time friend Luke, co-owner of the popular Portland food truck Luke Piewalker’s, hears she’s been demoted, he insists on hiring her to sling éclairs and turnovers at his side. Her secret must be kept, but sparks ignite between them, sending Jayne and her X-Wing into a tailspin that will either make her face down her neuroses or trigger a meltdown of Death Star proportions.


If you're interested in a signed paperback, drop me an email or find me on Facebook. It's awfully cute in paperback, I must say.

Neurotica cover

Now go out and take pictures of your best Star Wars cosplay, your favorite eclairs, or the cutest ducks you can find, and share them with me so we can say, 
"Welcome to the world, Jayne Dandy!"

Early reviews:

~ “My soul is happy. Neurotica was perfect. I enjoyed every single word.” 

~ “You probably can’t see the sections I highlighted in the book but people would think I’m nuts because it’s the scenes where you describe Portland and the areas they are sitting that just grabbed my heart. Honestly, at moments I wanted to cry, because you did my heart’s home such service. Your love of Portland shines in this book and it’s beautiful ... Jayne was just so real, and honest (despite what Luke may have thought a couple times). She felt like someone I would just love to know personally.” 

~ “This book has so much going own that you will not be able to put it down. I love everything about it, from the way it is written, to the storyline and its many twist and turns. This book is different from the author’s first book but I think I love it as much or maybe even more. This is a must read now book. Don’t just put it on your long to be read list because it is that good. The wittiness of the storyline is incredible. I want more of these characters when I finished the book because I didn’t want it to end. Loved every word of this book!” 

~ “Gordon keeps readers on edge, snickering, and in love with all the characters as this humorous story unfolds. A must read. And perhaps my favorite part is that it’s completely clean. While the MC writes erotica, Gordon keeps this NA novel PG, which is exactly where it needs to be to get the point across.”


As a friendly reminder, for those of you with delicate sensibilities:


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