Sunday, March 17, 2013

This Mick Is Sadly Sober Today. Oh, and Nuit and Mark Strong.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm Scotch Irish, so I should be a'celebratin'. Alas, I am not. I am working. On a book. That you will get to read. Eventually. I PROMISE.

In the meantime, here's Nuit. ISN'T SHE GORGEOUS?!?!? Yes, I've become one of those people who posts pictures of her animals. But only because she's so ridiculously awesome.

In other news, this week, my good friend Heather Hildenbrand released a terrific new book about clones. It's a keeper. Called Imitation: Book 1 of the Clone Chronicles, you can find it here (Amazon):

I am an avid fan of Laini Taylor (Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Days of Blood and Starlight, among others), and recently on her blog, she wrote about a 33-year-old writer and librarian who tragically succumbed to colon cancer before her book was released. SO SAD. Bridget Zinn's debut novel, Poison, looks fantastic. It released this week, without its mommy here to welcome it. Go show some love. 

Available at Powell's Books, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Indie Bound. Available in Canada on March 19 via Chapters Indigo. Go forth. Get some poison in your life.

If you've followed me for any length of time, you know I might be a wee bit in love with a certain British thespian (*cough* MARK STRONG *cough*), which is why I will spend a dreary Saturday night watching and re-watching every film that holds his name in its credits (Body of Lies, Stardust, Robin Hood, Kick-Ass ... you name it, I slobber over it. Yes, I even suffered through John Carter, The Green Lantern, and The Eagle, just to show my allegiance). Buying Zero Dark Thirty when it releases this Tuesday. Here. In case you don't know:

I learned this week that my darling Mr. Strong is starring alongside another delightful, delicious hunk of cinematic man meat, James McAvoy, in Welcome to the Punch. OMIGOD IT LOOKS SO GOOD. Check out the trailer on YouTube HERE. And now I give you screen shots from the trailer, just because me likey so me has to share.

Thing is, if you've read the earlier version of Sleight -- or if you're eagerly anticipating (lie to me and say you are) the impending new version ... Mark Strong is Lucian Dmitri. He's perfect. I've written every line with him plastered all over my brain. I've not been successful in dream-casting other characters -- but this one has become an obsession.


He is perfect. I can't wait to show you why. Neither can my husband. Then maybe I'll stop talking about Mark Strong as if he were coming for dinner tonight. (Omigod, I would DIE. I have to go do 10,000 sit-ups and get my roots dyed, JUST IN CASE.)

NOW, time to behave. My kids are home for seventeen days on spring break because our school district has the budgetary management skills of a pubescent girl with Daddy's credit card in a new H&M store, so yeah ... kids get lots of days off because the school board can't handle their pennies. Which means, the children, they are home. Which means there will be a lot of me raving about why am I the only person who knows how to use the washing machine and why can't you guys get your own lunch what am I a short-order cook and you people just don't understand the creative genius within. Which also means my post after the break will likely be pretty manic. You've been warned.

COMMENT BELOW AND TELL ME WHAT YOU'RE READING. I've chewed through about 60 percent of The Madman's Daughter. Enjoying it. Lots of tension. Splendid.

Oh, and I need good pictures of crows. Any artists out there? Maybe I'll do a contest one of these days for the coolest crow drawing. To wrap around my wrist. Like a bracelet. Momma needs a new tattoo.

Xs and Os, lovelies ...