Friday, April 1, 2011


SO much has been going on this week, I don't even know where to start. Head spinning. Heart pounding. Chocolate hand...empty?

I'll start with the COOLEST part -- an alliance has been born, a collaboration created, a partnership hatched:

Accendo (ac-CHEN-do), Latin, means to illuminate, ignite, kindle, or set fire. There are three of us in the Trifecta of Terrific: Heather Hildenbrand (whose next book, a paranormal tale called Dirty Blood, drops next week); Angeline Kace (first book due this summer); and me. And you know my book is out there as an ebook (GO BUY IT so I don't have to get a real job). Yes, I'm still working on print copies to make sure you Kindle-less folks (poor dears) are rewarded for your patience.

SO, what does Accendo Press do? As I mentioned above, we are a collaboration. This is the plan: for future projects, we will beta read (provide first read-throughs), critique, edit, copy edit/proofread, provide graphic design assistance, as well as general feedback and support to get us through the writing process. Under the umbrella of the press label, we're taking it a step further, supporting one another through marketing and sales efforts by creating a BRAND. There is no revenue sharing, no capital outlay, no nasty corporate meetings or trysts with secretaries to deal with (unless Mark Strong decides he wants to be my secretary. Husband knows this. He's on alert.).

We're in business to help one another and SUPPORT THE INDIE MOVEMENT. And Heather, Angeline, and I remain committed to helping our fellow indies. Our intention here was not to create an isolated group closed to outsiders (though, at this time, we're keeping the ranks at three until we work out all the kinks). But anyone who's written a book -- or read one, for that matter -- can appreciate how much work goes into every title. We want to be able to spend the time to produce quality fiction to promote the image of independent writers throughout the sphere. It's going to be an interesting experiment. You should check back often for updates and announcements.

In the meantime, here's the Web site: for more detailed info. And LIKE us on Facebook.

IN OTHER NEWS... Reviews have started to come in for the book, and they've been positive and helpful. Thanks to Rebekah Joy Plett who provided some incredible feedback via email that will definitely be implemented as Book 2 progresses. She pointed out stuff I thought I had addressed (but didn't -- I am bloody and bruised from beating myself senseless), and THEN she went on to tell me how awesome I am. Yeah, gotta love emails like that. And if you haven't seen Rebekah's incredible work, you have to check her out. She's a phenomenal talent, and I'm looking very forward to her first children's book as author AND illustrator. Thanks again, Miss Rebekah. With humble gratitude...

If you want to see what the other reviewers are saying, Kara Malinczak has a post, as does A Book Vacation and my comrade Heather Hildenbrand (written before the collaboration was born!). If you don't have time to check all these individual sites during your busy work schedule (be careful your boss doesn't catch you surfing or you could get busted and jobs are hard to come by these days!), all of these reviewers have been gracious enough to post the reviews on the Amazon page for the book, so you can check them out all in one spot. NICE! (I'm not sure if this is protocol, i.e., if it's ticky-tacky to post links to reviews. If it is, sorry. My ego likes it. And yes, I'm bracing for impact for that first negative review.)

Another terrific indie writer -- Jennifer Hudock -- has sponsored an ad for me on her site, and I want to send a SHOUT OUT to Miz Jenny Beans for being so damn supportive and cool and gracious and generous. Visit her site, buy her book, give some love. She's awesome.

Spring break still has its vise grip on my household. The rumor is that school is supposed to start again next week, but I'm not sure. We already have a glitch with Monday's schedule, which means I may have to forgo sleeping if I am ever to get anything done.

Last note for the day: last night, two readers were debating on TWITTER which of my guys is more fantastic, Ash or Henry. Now that is pretty damn cool...

I lied: One more note. Next week, I promise that post on the subjunctive -- I KNOW you're dying for it -- as well as a summary of the first week with the book out in the Big Bad World. I'll probably pimp for some of my writer peeps, too, including a little somethin' on Evelyn Lafont's new Vampire Relationship Guide: Volume 1 that just dropped yesterday. NOT a YA title, but omigod, you guys, this chick is so effing funny. Her Twitter handle is Keyboard Hussy -- based on that alone, you have to check it out. Prepare to laugh. (And it's HOT, so if you're like me, you will blush while laughing and check over your shoulder frequently to make sure the nuns aren't watching you read and enjoy this so much).

X's and O's, babes...


  1. Oh man! You crack me up Jenn! I just had to post and let you know the parts I laughed the hardest at! Hahaha Chocolate hands empty! I love the "Trifecta Of Terrific by the way! And OMG! The part about Mark Strong & you hubs being on alert lol!

    That is very cool about the discussions going on about your characters like that.

    Angeline Kace

  2. I like Henry, but then I'm a romantic. If Ash would do one little bitty sweet thing, he might be able to sway me... book 2 anyone?

  3. Congratulations on everything, Jenn! I can't wait to read about your first week next time. I love Evelyn, too. She's hilarious. :)

  4. Congrats, Jenn, it all sounds like a great adventure, hooray!

  5. Wow!

    Impressive website and idea. Good luck and continued success!

  6. OK I just crawled out from the rock I've been chillin' under for the past week. CONGRATS to you, Angeline, and Heather! That is really just fantastic what you guys have put together. I love this indie scene more and more and how much authors are just willing to support each other. It's awesome.

    And yes, let me know about that paperback copy of Sleight because I'm a Kindle nonbeliever (I am being converted though thanks to this indie scene! And I NEVER thought I'd say that. Next holiday involving gifts that comes up (hello anniversary in June) I may just ask for one ;) )