Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Heather Hildenbrand's RACE TO 30 REVIEWS giveaway...join in the fun!

My Accendo Press partners have teamed up to bring you a very cool giveaway scheme, masterminded by the always-lovely Heather Hildenbrand. Please note that this giveaway is sponsored by Heather (I'm not smart enough to figure these things out), but my book (Sleight) is included in the prize packages. When I get more organized, I will run some giveaways. Promise. (I think.) If you don't want to wait that long for me to sprout a brain, then go buy it. You can do that, too. I won't mind. Neither will my kids or my shrink. In fact, you would make their day.

On with the News:

Reviews are VERY important to authors. They lend credibility where there might not yet be any, especially for newbies. It's not enough for our moms, besties, and husbands to say, "Good job, hon! Great book!" You wouldn't believe that. It's like a snake oil salesman, right? Never trust the mother of a writer/artist/musician/astrophysicist to tell you the truth about their baby's work. THAT means that reviews are up to you, Esteemed Reader, to get the word out there and SCREAM FROM THE ROOFTOPS about how much you love/hate our work. (Side note: Maybe if you hate it, can you whisper instead? Ouch.)

The review process is especially important for self-published authors as WE are the Marketing & Sales Department, on top of everything else. Sure, part of being indie is having total creative control. That's a positive. But the part that sucks (at least as far as I'm concerned, because I suck at it) is trying to convince other humans that the Work Is Good -- You Should Read It. As such, reviews are a lifeline to spread the word. But these reviews must be honest assessments of the work. If you're afraid of hurting someone's feelings but you weren't quite sure about book you read, well, I'll leave that up to you to wrestle with. You know yourself better than I do. But if you liked it, you really, really liked it (that's the sole impression I will do of Sally Field today, I promise...I just introduced a generation gap moment, didn't I...who the hell is Sally Field, Jenn?), then read forward and see what Crafty Heather has come up with for her recent release, Dirty Blood. Because I am easily confused with these giveaways, I will try to lay it out for you like I would want for me (I'm sort of the stupid 18-month-old puppy in the back of puppy kindergarten who got started WAY too late):

Heather Hildenbrand's RACE TO 30 REVIEWS! 

Let's see how fast we can hit 30 reviews for EACH title. The first contestant in the race is my new paranormal romance, Dirty Blood. And the second, my YA fantasy, is Across The Galaxy. IT'S A RACE!

How it works:

Every review posted gets you entered into the drawing. As soon as we hit thirty (30) reviews, I'll draw the winners. THIS IS A TWO-PART CONTEST, so there will be two sets of winners, one for each title. And yes, you can enter for both, and potentially win both! AND, if you've already read one or both, and left a review, it already counts toward the contest. AND if you've read one or both, but haven't left a review, go do it NOW! (Pretty please!)

So, here's exactly how you can be entered:
  1. Choose, Barnes and, or and leave a review for one of my books mentioned above.
  2. You will receive an entry for EVERY review you post, so if you post to all three sites, you get three entries.
  3. If you tag the book on Amazon, you will receive an extra entry. (Email me the tags you used so I know.)
As soon as we reach thirty (30) reviews for a title, I'll do the drawing for that title. Here's what you'll get:

Dirty Blood Grand Prize:
  • Signed paperback of Dirty Blood 
  • ebook of Across the Galaxy 
  • ebook of Sleight by Jennifer Sommersby
  • ARC (advanced reader's copy) of Cold Blood, the sequel to Dirty Blood, when it's ready. (ARC will be an ebook.) 
  • ARC of Angeline Kace's paranormal romance, Descended by Blood, coming summer 2011
Across The Galaxy Grand Prize:
  • Signed paperback of Across The Galaxy 
  • ebook of Dirty Blood 
  • ebook of Sleight by Jennifer Sommersby
  • ARC of Cold Blood, the sequel to Dirty Blood, when it's ready. (ARC will be an ebook.)
Two (2) runners-up (for each drawing) will receive:
  • Two (2) ebooks of their choice (any of my titles OR Sleight by Jennifer Sommersby) as well as ARC of Cold Blood when it's ready.
The race is on.


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