Friday, September 27, 2013

Aaaaaand That's a Wrap ... Friday Funnies

Another week has marched away, which means we are one week closer to The End. Which is totally depressing. So let us not think about wasted moments, ill-spent seconds, bad decisions in cupcakes. Instead, let's giggle.

This week's funnies that caught me by the giggle gizzard:

Convos with My 2-Year-Old has started season 2!!!


This one's pretty true, although some of my friends are terrible spellers (ahem, Husband, ahem) and I haven't disowned them yet:


I went to Walmart last night (don't judge--I'm not proud, but in a Canadian economy where we're paying nearly $6 a gallon for gas, I gotta do what I gotta do). In the local WallyWorld, we have a medical clinic. I've only had the unfortunate occasion to go there once--my daughter works at a bear-building store where grabby children with pink-eye-infected fingers often show up, so Pretty Princess picked up the pinking of the eye. We had to get it treated. On a Sunday. WallyWorld's esteemed medical clinic was the only joint in town that hadn't met its "quota" for the day (I'm totally serious). HENCE we went there. And were "greeted" by the doctor's warring teenage daughters who were also doubling as his front-office staff. It was worrisome.

So imagine my surprise last night when I went to Walmart, only because it was close to the new, pleasantly vacant Starbucks and we were on our monthly "date night" where we spend $11 on coffee and talk about our children away from the house so they can't hear us, and we saw THIS SIGN on the medical clinic window:

Yes, ladies, you can now get your Pap smears at Walmart. That's what I call one-stop shopping. "ROLLBACK ON PAP SMEARS! $19.88!"


These next things aren't necessarily funny. Mostly just awesome.

I would so fly on this plane:

Why, yes, Thorin Oakenshield, I am interested in talking to you about a sword.

In case you need more Richard Armitage, here (do NOT tell Mark Strong I posted this picture--jealousy is so ugly):

Thanks, Anglophile Channel, for the pho-to.


AND DID YOU HEAR ABOUT PAKISTAN'S NEW ISLAND? They had a ginormous earthquake this week (7.7 reportedly), and an island PLOPPED to the surface. Wondering how long before someone calls dibs. Full article here on io9 (amazing site, BTW):

In case you missed it, they've added a red circle to draw your attention appropriately.

Someone floated these in the FB feed, and I WANTS THEM, PRECIOUS. Private message me and I'll send you my address. Thanks, Literary Gift Company!


Lastly, the rain has arrived in British Columbia. We had a good run. I ordered some new boots. It is time to succumb and tuck in for the Long Dark. Which is fine. Sun just makes me feel guilty that my garden looks like zombies nap in it.

Xs and Os, lovelies ...

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