Thursday, May 10, 2012

MY VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY! Only a year late ...

Because I'm groovy this way, and because I've never done a giveaway before (I'm slow on the uptake and I didn't know what to give away, especially since gifting children or pets is illegal) AND because it sounded like fun based on my insatiable desire to know what other folks are reading AND because I wanted to talk to my Facebook friends, the list of whom has exploded over the last week, thanks to the Accendo Press blog hop giveaway thingie ...


Like me if you want. There's a post there that gives instructions on how to enter the giveaway AND asks you to participate in the conversation. I want to know what you're reading! 

OR ... if it's easier, just click on the WELCOME, which is in the header bar doohickey:

See where it says WELCOME? Over there ---------------- ^^^^^^^

CLICK on it, and it will take you to the Rafflecopter entry form for the giveaway! Yay!

Or you can click on the link to go direct: 

What you could WIN: Either a copy of The Fault in Our Stars by my current author crush John Green ...

or Insurgent by Veronica Roth (just released last week) ...

OR ... within reason ... your choice of a book. On the Rafflecopter entry form, the question asks you what book you'd choose if given the choice. And I might just give you that choice! Unless, of course, you ask for the complete Harry Potter series in hardback ... that ain't gonna happen. I got a kid who needs college in just a few short months and another who's probably gonna need braces to take care of those ginormous bucky teeth.

SO. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? It ends Tuesday night (May 15) at MIDNIGHT EASTERN, so that's 9 p.m. Pacific. Don't make me do the math for all the time zones. You already know math is not my strong suit. Otherwise I would be a mathematician and we wouldn't be here talking to each other because I'd be too busy counting stuff and, uh, and ... what the hell do mathematicians do, anyway?

WHEN ALL IS SAID AND DONE, I am going to compile a list of everyone's books that they've noted they're either reading now or are excited to read soon so that we can pick each other's brains and read LOTS of amazing books! I will share the list here and on the FB page. There's nothing more awesome than discovering new writers.

Thanks for stopping by. This is so much fun. I've never done a giveaway. What the hell was I waiting for? #slowpoke #nonetoobright

Xs and Os ...

P.S. For those of you hoping for news about Stratagem, all I can tell you is ... I'm working on it. I hope to have news soon. Don't give up on me. You totally don't want to do that because the news could be a slice of epic pie.

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